Popups or popups are those windows that appear automatically without the user having requested them. Their content is usually of an advertising nature, and they do not have a fixed size, although they typically do not occupy the entire screen.

Although they are being used less and less, mainly due to the blocking systems and restrictions that enable the browsers themselves, it is convenient to know precisely the protection system that we have before these new elements that most of the time are involuntary for the user.

Regarding their presentation, although the general name of pop-up windows is used, they can be:

  • Emerging: They appear in the foreground overlapping the active window. Its content is usually mainly advertising, and its use is very abusive.
  • Submerged: In this case, they appear under the main window and can be quite more dangerous than the new ones, since the advertising function does not seem to fit this form of presentation, and in some cases, they can carry hidden codes destined to write cookies or other features of control.